Biggest Myth About Aquatic Physical Therapy


I need to know how to swim to take part in aquatic physical therapy.

Not true!  You do NOT need to know who to swim to take part in aquatic physical therapy.  The exercises performed in the therapy session are done in chest high deep water.  If a patient feels particularly unstable, we are able to adapt the exercises to be done near the edge of the pool where the patient can hang on for more support.  We also have flotation devices available for use.  While the patient is in the pool, the therapist is there to assist and guide the patient as needed.

Aquatic therapy is an excellent option for patients who are not able to exercise on land for various reasons, such as post-operative knee surgery, arthritis and gait/balance issues.

Advanced Physical Therapy Center has two locations that offer aquatic physical therapy.

pool at deer lakeAPTC-Clarkston
6167 White Lake Rd. Ste. 1
(inside the Deer Lake Athletic Club)



DAC poolAPTC-Davison
2138 Fairway Dr.
(inside the Davison Athletic Club)