Are You Game Ready?

We have all heard the acronym RICE, right?  This, typically, means Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  You use it when you have an acute injury, such as an ankle sprain.  We use this same type of treatment in our physical and occupational therapy practice as well. We use taping techniques or wrap the injured area to apply compression, and we use cold packs to apply cold therapy to our patient’s injuries.  We know it is one of the best ways to reduce swelling and help with pain.  As therapists we are introduced to many pieces of therapy equipment and some we invest in and some we don’t.  One we have invested in is the Game Ready System.

Game Ready is the most effective solution for aching athletes and recovering orthopedic Game Ready with a patientpatients. The Game Ready System simultaneously applies active compression with cold therapy, amplifying the body’s recovery efforts.

The Game Ready control unit allows for full customization, making highly effective cold compression therapy. We use it on our athletes, orthopedic patients and patients suffering from a musculoskeletal injury.

How does Game Ready work?

The clinician will select the appropriate pressure and time setting preferences, the ice water filled machine will circulate the cold water throughout the garment wrap and pneumatically applies compression to the desired extremity.

How does Game Ready compare to other Cryotherapy Units?

  • Ergonomic wraps are highly adjustable and allow for complete extremity coverage.
  • Cold fluid circulates the affected area, while simultaneous compression is actively applied.
  • Temperature and compression intensity can be easily adjusted.

This treatment is available at all seven Advanced Physical Therapy Center clinics.  It is just one more way we provide the best care possible for you.

game ready.jpg


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