The Hands-on Approach—Manual Therapy (cont.)

Low-Back-Pain-BLUE_02Continuing in our series on the topic of manual therapy techniques, the next we would like to discuss is spinal mobilization.

Spinal mobilization has been a therapy that has been used for centuries dating back to the time of Hippocrates and the physicians of ancient Rome.

What is spinal mobilization?

Mobilization is a hands-on manual therapy designed to restore joint movement, power and range of motion.  The therapist gently coaxes joint motion by passive movement within or to limit a joint’s normal range of motion.  The therapist’s movement of the joint is very precise and is limited by the amount of joint play.

What part of the spine can be treated?

Any part of the facet joints and the articulations between the bones may become stiff causing joint dysfunction.  Therefore, any part of the spine can be treated with spinal mobilization.

What type of patient can benefit?

Any patient that has joint dysfunction, which can be caused by poor posture, muscular imbalance, trauma, spinal disease or congenital problems.    

What is the benefit of spinal mobilization?    

The goal of mobilization is to restore normal joint function, including the surrounding soft tissue.  The benefits are decreased pain, increased range of motion and reduced muscle spasm.


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