Get to Know Dellisa Wynn, MPT

Dellisa Wynn, MPT has been a practicing physical therapist for nearly twenty years. She began her career as a staff physical therapist for Hurley Medical Center in 1997. During her fifteen years at Hurley, she worked in industrial rehabilitation, impatient rehabilitation and in their acute care setting. She has been a wonderful addition to the Flint clinic ever since she joined Advanced Physical Therapy Center team in 2013.

Dellisa has had a long-time desire to help those who suffer from illness. She chose physical therapy, because it is one of the few healthcare careers that offers a diverse work environment where you can work with various types of patient populations. Dellisa received both a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Dellisa has many interests when it comes to treating patients ; geriatrics and sports BH2_5298 retouch wynn 4x5rehabilitation are two of her favorites. Lately, her interest has been focused on physical therapy in relation to autoimmune disorders. This interest is very personal to her, because she was diagnosed with Lupus in 1999. Before her diagnosis, Dellisa was a long
distance runner and was very active. Her condition has kept her from participating in those activities she loved. Because of this, she feels she is able to sympathize and find a connection with her patients who have lost their mobility and independence. “I think when you are trying to deal with the changes and challenges of learning to live with an auto-immune disorder or any type of illness that takes away your mobility, you can develop a lack of confidence. My goal is to help patients gain back their confidence and get them back to living independently,” says Dellisa. Dellisa is a Flint native, and when she is not working with patients, she serves as a mentor and parliamentarian for her college sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. She is a board member of the sorority’s non-profit, Ivy House, which provides clothing and food for those in need. They also provide financial, need-based scholarships for Genessee County high school seniors entering college. When she is not volunteering with her sorority, she enjoys attending church services at New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church.

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