Creating Success Stories One Patient at a Time

Tonya Benefield was in an automobile accident in October of 2016. She shattered her
elbow and ended up with a contracture in two of her fingers.  A contracture is a condition of shortening and hardening of the muscles, tendons, or other tissue; often leading to deformity and rigidity of joints.

Tonya had to undergo surgery on her elbow involving the use of several plates. Unfortunately, Tonya had a reaction to the metal, and they had to be removed. Heather and TonyaConsequently, her elbow became infected with cellulitis, which is a common bacterial skin infection that will cause the skin to appear red and swollen and feels hot and tender to the touch. Cellulitis can spread and become life threatening, so this is a very serious situation for Tonya.

Since the accident, she has had five more surgical procedures completed on her elbow. This past week, Tonya received the news from her doctor that he believes the cellulitis is gone from her system.

While on her path to recovery, she worked with Occupational Therapist, Heather Pantea. Heather says that Tonya is doing well and has greatly improved her range of motion. She has now began her journey with physical therapy. “She is a trooper,” said Heather of Tonya.  We wish you the best, Tonya. Thank you for trusting us with your care.


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