APTC Expands Pelvic Floor Rehab Program with the Addition of Certified Pelvic Floor Practitioner

Sarah Levitt’s passion is helping people overcome the day-to-day challenges in relation to pelvic floor dysfunction. Many patients can be embarrassed or uncomfortable, Sarah puts patients at ease within their first meeting.
levitt-sara-dsc_6-9-1-16-bhphotoSarah’s passion in pelvic health began in 2005 when she took an introductory course in pelvic floor rehabilitation. After a decade of working within this patient population, she received her certification in pelvic floor rehabilitation in 2015. This professional distinction signifies that she is an expert in pelvic health rehabilitation and has passed rigorous testing to demonstrate her expertise. She is a member of the Michigan Pelvic Floor Study Group, where pelvic floor practitioners throughout the state of Michigan get together to discuss patient cases and share knowledge about new treatment techniques and information received at conferences/continuing education courses. She is also a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society, which is a health organization established to help educate medical professionals on how to diagnose and manage chronic pelvic pain and to help raise awareness of this condition.
She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from Oakland University in 2004. In addition to pelvic floor rehabilitation, her post graduate focus includes visceral manipulation, which is a gentle manual therapy that aids the body’s own ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. She also utilizes various other techniques and modalities in her practice and they include the Graston Technique, kinesiology taping, Muscle Energy Technique, myofascial release, and strain/counter-strain.
Sarah practices out of our Clarkston location and since joining the Advanced Physical Therapy Center team, has greatly expanded our pelvic floor rehab program by bringing a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.

Welcome Mary Maesch, PT to our Davison Office

maesch_mary-8-30-2016-bhphotoWhen patients describe their experience with Mary Maesch, PT, they say that her personality is what sets her apart. It’s been said that she puts people at ease, and they feel that they can really open up to her about their life and their condition. “I enjoy learning about people. I love hearing their stories and what’s going on in their lives,” says Mary about her patients.

Mary has always had an interest in how the body works ever since she was young.—That is what led her to get her degree in physical therapy. Mary is, originally, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of Maryland. She has been a practicing physical therapist for over two decades and has a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt. She has taken multiple education courses and utilizes a variety of manual therapies and techniques—some of them include Muscle Energy Technique, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and strain/counter-strain technique.

Mary is an active person who enjoys biking, Nordic pole walking and pickle ball. She also tries to emphasize the importance of physical activity with her patients. “My goal with each patient is to encourage them to do some sort of physical activity and to keep it up life long. I have a number of patients who have continued on with their program and keep in touch with me, letting me know how they are doing. If I can motivate people to keep moving, then that is great!” stated Mary.

Mary is a cancer survivor and has made a passionate interest to learn and do research on how nutrition affects the body. “I try to pass on what I learn to my patients. I think how we feed our body makes a big difference in how we feel and how we recover,” said Mary. She also has a special interest in posture and body mechanics and feels many injuries stem from misalignments within the body.

Mary treats patients out of Advanced Physical Therapy Center’s Davison location. Her practice philosophy is to be resilient, optimistic but help patients understand realistic outcomes. “People can get discouraged because they can’t do the things they used to do. Our job as physical therapists is to help them do the things they want to do but in new ways that don’t affect their condition or injury. I often joke with my patients telling them that our bodies don’t come with unlimited warranties,” states Mary.

Tips to Cut Back on Dog Walking-Related Injuries

Our certified hand therapists at Advanced Hand Rehab were just talking about this very subject. Happens more than you think. If you suffer and injury to your upper extremity, always seek the advice and treatment from an expert in hand therapy. We have them available at all our locations. You can also come in for a free consultation. To set up your appointment, call:

Renae Remillard, OTRL in Grand Blanc (810) 695-8700
Desaree’ Carwile, OTRL, CHT in Clarkston (248) 620-4260
Ouida Brown, OTRL in Clio (810) 687-8700
Kim Cochran, OTRL, CHT in Hartland (810) 632-8700
Heather Pantea, OTRL in Davison (810) 412-5100
Nicole Davis, OTRL in Flint (810) 732-8400

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