Helping Patients Get Back On Their Feet

KOSHYAH_ANIL    DSC_11  6-6-16Did you know that physical therapy can help with dizziness and conditions such as vertigo? Well … yes it can! In fact, we have two therapists (AnilKumar Koshiya MPT, M.Ed. and Bret Peters PT, DPT) who that have treated many patients with conditions resulting from vestibular disorders (inner ear). Vertigo is a condition that develops in the vestibular system. The article below discusses the different types of vestibular disorders and how PT can help. If you or a loved one are suffering with vestibular issues, dizzines or balance problems, please give us a call at our Davison location. Anil or Bret would be happy to help you back onto your feet. (810) 412-5100.

Bret Peters

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