Advanced Hand Rehab Growing to Provide More Experts to More People

Meet Desaree’ Carwile, OTRL, CHT. She is one of our fabulous certified hand therapists in our Advanced Hand Rehab division. Desaree’ has 15 years of experience as a licensed occupational therapist. She also has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the treatment of the upper extremities.

Desaree’ graduated with a degree in occupational therapy from Baker College in 2000 and obtained her national certification in hand therapy in Desaree Carwile Candid PS revised2008. Prior to coming to Advanced Hand Rehab, Desaree’ worked for a hand surgeon for several years treating post-operative patients. Desaree’ has a special interest in treating complex injuries and wound care. She likes the challenge of treating these types of patients and has achieved great outcomes.  One of the complex injury patients she is, currently, treating is featured in our next newsletter, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that. It is an inspiring story, and Desaree’ has done an amazing job as a therapist helping this patient regain her independence.

If you are in need of certified hand therapy or know someone who could use Desaree’s services, please contact her at our Clarkston location 248-620-4260, or if you are in the Flint area call her at 810-732-8400 to schedule a free consult.


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