Ask a Physical Therapist

Scott Boyer

What are some good foam roller exercises for runners?

I find that the IT band stretch with a foam roller is the best and most useful.To do an IT band stretch with a foam roller, lay a foam roller on a firm surface.  Then stride one foot in front of the roller from a kneeling position, and twist so the outside of your opposite leg will come in contact with the roller. Use your supporting leg to help roll yourself forward and back along the length of your leg with the amount of pressure you are comfortable with.  There is also a foam roller exercise that is great for the hamstrings.   Many folks complain of soreness in their hamstrings after a race.  This is because their hamstrings are not strong enough, fatigue, and become tight.  Sitting on a foam roll and rolling up/down toward the knee really helps stretch that muscle tissue and allows blood to flow again, ” Scott Boyer, PT, DPT Advanced Physical Therapy Center of Davison Clinic Director. 

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