Ask a Physical Therapist

What is IT band syndrome and can PT help me keep running?

“The IT band is a thick band of fascial tissue that helps stabilize the knee during running but tends to rub back and forth over the lateral femoral condyle on the outside of the knee. IT band syndrome is an overuse injury that can cause pain anywhere along the pathway of the fascial band, but the most common area of pain is on the outside of the knee. Some causes of this irritation from running are using a toe-in running pattern, over-striding, excessive uphill or downhill running, inadequate warm up or cool down, running on same surface or route, muscle imbalances or abnormalities in leg, or foot anatomy.

Physical therapy can help address most of these issues, especially with the tenderness and tissue irritation with various modalities and taping techniques. We can show you proper exercises for stretching, strengthening and help address proper running technique. It is possible that orthotics may be needed if the problem is how the foot hits the ground,” Sue Hall, PT Advanced Physical Therapy Center – Clio.

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