Ask a Physical Therapist

Dee Frick

We created a series of common questions and answers of runners and walkers for the Crim Fit Adult Training Program.  We are the official physical therapy providers for the program and all participants in the program receive weekly emails on these tips and advice.  As our fans, we want you to take advantage too.  So here you go!

How can I increase my mileage without injury?  

“From my experience, it is always best to increase mileage by using the 10% rule, which means that you do not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. This will help reduce the incidence of injury ,” Dee Frick, PT Advanced Physical Therapy Center – Goodrich.

Dee Frick, PT is an experienced runner who has participated in many long distance races and has continuing education in several running courses for physical therapy. 

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