Ask a Physical Therapist

What is IT band syndrome and can PT help me keep running?

“The IT band is a thick band of fascial tissue that helps stabilize the knee during running but tends to rub back and forth over the lateral femoral condyle on the outside of the knee. IT band syndrome is an overuse injury that can cause pain anywhere along the pathway of the fascial band, but the most common area of pain is on the outside of the knee. Some causes of this irritation from running are using a toe-in running pattern, over-striding, excessive uphill or downhill running, inadequate warm up or cool down, running on same surface or route, muscle imbalances or abnormalities in leg, or foot anatomy.

Physical therapy can help address most of these issues, especially with the tenderness and tissue irritation with various modalities and taping techniques. We can show you proper exercises for stretching, strengthening and help address proper running technique. It is possible that orthotics may be needed if the problem is how the foot hits the ground,” Sue Hall, PT Advanced Physical Therapy Center – Clio.

Ask a Physical Therapist

How can I decrease my time or increase my pace without injury?

“There are many variables to consider, unfortunately there is no easy answer.  What might be good for one runner, might not be good for another.   But, I always refer back to the 10% rule.  Don’t increase your pace or try to decrease your time more than 10%.  You need good base mileage before you would think about increasing pace and would need to do so slowly, a couple times a week, with normal pace in between and see how your body reacts. Intervals are also good to increase pace,” Dee Frick, PT Advanced Physical Therapy Center – Goodrich.   

Ask a Physical Therapist

Dee Frick

We created a series of common questions and answers of runners and walkers for the Crim Fit Adult Training Program.  We are the official physical therapy providers for the program and all participants in the program receive weekly emails on these tips and advice.  As our fans, we want you to take advantage too.  So here you go!

How can I increase my mileage without injury?  

“From my experience, it is always best to increase mileage by using the 10% rule, which means that you do not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. This will help reduce the incidence of injury ,” Dee Frick, PT Advanced Physical Therapy Center – Goodrich.

Dee Frick, PT is an experienced runner who has participated in many long distance races and has continuing education in several running courses for physical therapy. 

Therapy Can Help Arthritis Sufferers Enjoy Life Again

     May is National Arthritis Awareness Month.  As therapy providers, we know how important exercise is in the fight against the pain of arthritis.  The lack of exercise can lead to muscles around the joints to begin to deteriorate. This in turn causes more pain for the arthritis sufferer.  Staying active on a daily basis will preserve strength and joint mobility. 

     As therapists, our goal is to focus on helping arthritis patients keep mobile.  Working with a therapist is a good idea at any stage of arthritis.  Studies consistently support the usefulness of an evaluation by a physical or occupational therapist and instruction in appropriate exercise to reduce pain and improve function.  Early in the course of arthritis, our therapists can asses and document on where you are in terms of function, strength and fitness.  In moderate to advanced stages of arthritis, we can help you keep or increase the strength and flexibility you have.  Our therapists will also provide an exercise plan designed to maximize your chances of avoiding joint problems as the disease progresses. 

     Our therapists help patients keep doing things they are used to doing every day.  They can assess your ability to perform the activities of daily living.  If activities, like dressing; cooking or bathing; become more difficult or painful, our therapists can provide solutions or recommend assistive devices.  We can see where you are wasting energy or time doing your daily activities, including where you are stressing your joints unnecessarily.  Essentially, we can teach you a better and easier way to accomplish these tasks.  We can also provide custom splinting for your upper extremities through our Advanced Hand Rehab division.        

     If you are suffering or know someone who has osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, send them over to Advanced Physical Therapy Center for a free consultation.  Therapy enables people of all ages and abilities to keep active, be independent and continue enjoying everyday life. Image